All About ME

facebookpicK. Elle Collier is the writer of Amazon’s best selling trilogy My Man’s Best FriendKai’s Aftermath and Alana Bites Back.

Released in 2011, My Man’s Best Friend rocked the literary world with a hot new story and a strange new twist. Offering a stylish, unique contemporary voice, K. Elle’s work marks a fresh new approach to the ordinary relationship story. With an honest ear for dialogue, and a knack for truthful, uncompromising storytelling, K. Elle pushes the envelope to discover intimacy and love in the most unconventional situations.

K.Elle Started her writing career off by participating in various esteemed writing programs such as: The Bill Cosby Writing Workshop, The ABC Writing Fellowship as well as Warner Bros. Comedy Writing Program, this in turn lead to a staff writing position on the CW sitcom Girlfriends. K. Elle later branched off to other avenues of writing such as screenplays and stage plays, where she adapted the best-selling novel ‘Friends and Lovers’ by Eric Jerome Dickey for the stage.

Her love for writing flowed over to novels in which she currently has 3 best selling books My Man’s Best Friend (Book1) Kai’s Aftermath (Book 2) and Alana Bites Back (Book 3).

K. Elle is currently working on a new book series “Pretty Lives Ugly Truths” along with other small projects to debut in 2016.  Follow her on twitter @K_ElleCollier and like her on Facebook: Author K. Elle Collier

K. Elle currently lives in Los Angeles CA.