If I had a chocolate chip cookie!

Chocolate_Chip_Cookies_-_kimberlykvEvery time I heard someone say, I think I want to write a novel.  I would be super fat while thinking of how rich I’d be had  I asked for a nickel.

I get it, everyone has that magical story inside them that is dying to get out. Maybe it’s the basic need to be creative on the page.  It all sounds great and inspiring, but like I wrote in an earlier post, writing is a tough gig.

Eight years ago I wrote a short movie that was eventually filmed. I was excited and scared but most of all I was ready to do the Spike Lee thing and put my damn self in it.  Probably not the best move on my part, but who listens to me? Not me!

I decided that  I would play a small role in my movie (Yeah, I still shudder  thinking about the moment when the director said action) It was not a pretty sight. In fact, it was quite embarrassing and demeaning.  After the director said cut, I was pulled aside (on my own set) and told, in a gentle yet firm way, that even though the camera was inches from my face you cannot look directly into it.  What? But it’s like right there, begging for me to look at it, not to mention it being freakishly close to my face.  

That was the first of a slew of mistakes I did that day on the set of my short movie, it was not a good day.  All that to say is that when I watch movies with actors I love, it inspires me to act. While it did, it doesn’t any longer Why? Because now I know they are professionals who have studied their craft for years and made that shit look seamless, effortless and fun.  A dedication that I took lightly.

So when I hear someone say “I want to write a novel,” I smile and wait, and usually about a year or so later we talk and they’ve only completed one paragraph along with a built in excuse of why it’s taking them so long to finish, I smile and think, oh boy, they must have looked into that camera.  

I am not saying that you cannot write that novel, of course you can, what I am saying is that before you plunge into that endeavor educate yourself on the subject at hand.  Read tons of books, take a writing class and start out small (short stories are good) because at the end of the day, what may seem easy to do may just be a person who has perfected that craft for many many years.

If you are serious about writing that first book, check out these list of great books that can definitely get you started on the right path.

Good luck and happy writing!

K. Elle 🙂

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