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Just a little before 5pm yesterday I had the pleasure of typing “The End” on my manuscript Pretty Lives Ugly Truths.  The first draft is now finished and I am hoping for a March release.  This book took a little longer than planned, but completing the journey was pure bliss 🙂


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I am now anxiously waiting for the feedback from my test readers.  That is always a bit tense for me since this will be my initial feedback since starting the first book of this new series.

Creating a new series with new characters is always an adventure, as well as a challenge. I have to keep reminding myself that it takes time to develop great characters with unique and compelling story lines.  There are some things that just cannot and should not be rushed.

So with the first book done, I am diligently working on the outline for book 2.  But before I go into that, I wanted to share the synopsis for book 1 as well as the premise for the new series.






Being the children of legendary R&B singer Langston Monroe has its perks… it also has its downfalls.

Langston redefined the R&B genre but his children paid the price. Growing up, Malcolm, Lance and Lacey appeared to have the picture perfect life. But their reality was nothing anyone could have ever suspected.

Now, twenty years after their father’s death, his children are still struggling with their tumultuous past and fighting to keep it from ruining their current lives and most intimate relationships. 

Malcolm Monroe, his own worst enemy, is a filmmaker whose struggling career threatens his marriage.

Lance Monroe, the highly successful NFL player can’t seem to get his life together, standing accused of countless charges from a night gone wrong, he struggles to put his self-made demons behind him. 

Lacey Monroe, the R&B diva and wild-child who desperately seeks the stability and love she never got as a child, clings to a man she hopes will save her from a secret revealed.

Together, these three siblings fight to break free of their father’s painful legacy, years of hurt and deceit, and forge their own path once and for all.


I’m looking forward to this new series and I have lots of great things in store for you, so stay tuned for a new adventure.

That’s it for now, until next time…

Keep reading and I promise to keep writing! 🙂

~K. Elle


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  1. belinda williams says:

    Another good read I can’t wait to get started.

  2. K. Elle says:

    Thank you Belinda!

  3. Benita Groce says:

    Looks like more good reading. I couldn’t stop reading “My Man’s Bestfriend” series when I pick it up and I can see that this will have me the same way. I am looking forward to the release.

  4. K. Elle says:

    Thank you for your support, Benita! Stay tuned for the next series! 😉

  5. Keisha Mckenzie says:

    My friends and I can’t wait to read the new series.
    We just love your books!!!

  6. Shaquana says:

    I love your work! “My Man’s Bestfriend” was awesome, so I know for sure this will be nothing less than perfect! can not wait!

  7. Ria says:

    Sounds great! I loved your “My man’s bestfriend” series also. When will this be available on kindle app?

    • K. Elle says:

      Hi Ria, the series is targeted for a mid-March release but keep checking back to see the exact date! Thank you for your support!

  8. Sandra says:

    Wow! I want more to read. Can’t wait for the book, this will definitely be in my summer reading pile.

  9. Valerie Smith says:

    Sounds like it going to be a hot one! Waiting patiently!

  10. Donna Ward says:

    I can hardly wait to read this new book. Your “My Man’s Best Friend” trilogy had me on edge and I didn’t want to put them down. I wish you much success!

  11. It sounds intriging and I can hardly wait to see the finished project. You are going to be a great novelist and the next genration is going to hold you up like one of the famous writers of yesterday. Like Steel ..
    I love you

  12. Jami Phillips says:

    THIS is another winner!!! I absolutely Love ALL of YOUR books!!! Hands DOWN you ARE one of my favorite authors!! YOU truly inspire ME to GET and STAY focused with my writing!! I can appreciate YOUR books with substance.. a REAL story Line and it’s own uniqueness. Too many authors out right now playing it safe…sticking to the same story Line..the drug dealers. Ballers… gold diggers and so on. When I read YOUR books my expectations are ALWAYS met. Thank YOU for the GREAT reads!!! May God bless YOU WITH many more and also may he continue to bless your writing to inspire others.

    • K. Elle says:

      Thank you so very much Jami! Fans like you are what keep me writing and sharing my gift. Good luck with your writing and I look forward to seeing your vision out there one day! 😉
      K. Elle

  13. Nikki "Verymotivated1" says:

    I am addicted to you and your books, what have you done to me?!!! I usually don’t enjoy African-American reads due to the lack of change, same story line despite different authors, but you, you break the mold with these books!!! I am hooked and don’t think I want to stop so please keep writing, don’t EVER stop!!!

    • K. Elle says:

      Wow! You truly made my Wednesday! Thank you so very much for your kind words and your support of my books! And don’t worry…I will never stop!:)

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