Kai’s Aftermath

Kai’s Aftermath (Book 2)FRONT COVER_Kai

Kai, Todd and Alana are back in this sequel to My Man’s Best Friend, which ended with Kai’s big surprise.  Kai’s Aftermath picks up with Kai relocating to New York City with hopes of putting her life back together as she awaits the birth of her child.

Back in Chicago, Alana is busy with her new relationship with Todd, her budding acting career, as well as a devious master plan to trap Todd into marrying her. But it all comes to a screeching halt when Kai drops a bombshell of her own. The news puts Alana’s new life with Todd and her master plan in a tailspin, one that she must fight to recover.

K. Elle takes you on yet another turbulent ride in her sequel ‘Kai’s Aftermath’ which will leave you on the edge of your seat until the very last page.


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On Writing The Book: Kai’s Aftermath

My first draft of “My Man’s Best Friend” ended with an unexpected surprise as well as Kai accepting her feat as her destiny.  But after I laid the book down for a week or so, I couldn’t get those characters out of my mind.  I missed them, and wasn’t quite ready to let them go.

So the next day while in the shower (a place where much of my inspiration comes) a thought popped in my head, “What if Kai ends up pregnant? Hmmm now that could get dicey!”  With that spark of an idea, I began to create the outline for “Kai’s Aftermath”.

My next challenge was to decide whose Point Of View I was going to tell the story from.  I didn’t want to have it come totally from Kai again, as I felt that my readers needed to see what made Alana and Todd tick as well. I decided to write it from a mixture of their POV’s… so we could get a sense of what was really going on in everyone’s minds.

Writing the outline was fairly seamless.  It wasn’t hard to build a story off Kai getting her revenge on Alana.  It was almost like she “had to” especially now that she had something to play ball with  (Todd’s unborn child).  I wrote Kai’s Aftermath in the period of three months and from there did about a month of rewriting.  My only regret (and I will blame this on being a novice author) is that I did not give this story a proper climax, something I didn’t see until after it was published.  Although, the great thing about ebooks is that I could do a small revision of the story and add it in the future.