Alana Bites Back



Betrayal and manipulation… it’s what ­Alana does best and she’s back to reclaim what’s hers!

After two and a half years of wedded bliss while raising their son, Todd and Kai are faced with an upheaval of their lives when Todd is forced to close his practice in Brooklyn.

After landing a new gig out in Los Angeles at a small entertainment firm, Todd is shocked to hear that his firm has recently acquired a new client – someone he hoped to never see again – Ms Alana Brooks.

Desperate to keep his new client a secret from Kai, Todd struggles through Alana’s manipulations as she puts her ultimate plan in motion to reclaim what she believes is hers and prove to Kai once and for all, that her bite is much worse than her bark…


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On Writing The Book: Alana Bites Back

What can I say about Alana Bites Back? Whew, this book was an emotional roller coaster in itself to write but it was the fastest manuscript I’d done so far.  Alana was a great great character to write and yes, I will truly miss her.

My intentions with this series was to stop with Kai’s Aftermath. No seriously, I did!  Todd and Kai had gone through hell and back and well, they were now together and all was great in Pleasantville.  But, my mind has a mind of its own and I couldn’t shake these little people out of my head (not to mention the urging of my fans), I decided I needed to write a third book as the final installment.  What kind of person would Alana be if she didn’t get her revenge? The last word? Her final ditch effort…?  Um, sane maybe? Yes, but we all know Alana is far from that.

So with all the pieces in place, I sat down with a dear friend and pitched her my 3rd book idea.  Now, thankfully I did because when I got to the end and saw her excitement for the story go from “wow” to “oh no you are not going to end it that way”, I knew I had to rethink my ending.  I will refrain from sharing with you the original ending as it was not fitting to Alana or the story/series itself.  The great thing about that moment was I saw what my friend saw (thank gawd) and we crafted an ending that I think no one (well a few) saw coming.

I have to say writing this series was a fun and fascinating experience, something that I would not exchange for anything (okay maybe I could be swayed with a box of See’s Chocolates), but when it’s all said and done, I am still mourning the loss off my old characters, Kai and Todd (and yes, even you Alana. You will be missed).  The good new is, I’m starting to warm up to my new characters in the new series I’m currently writing. I hope they will give you the same type of thrills as Alana, Todd and Kai.  With that I have to go, I have a few books to write before the year is up!