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It’s been a while since you’ve heard from me but needless to say, I have been quite busy 🙂  Now that 2013 has washed away and we are in the mist of 2014 I am happy to announce some exciting new things!

Although, I have to say, 2013 was an amazing year for me and my writing, I want to personally thank you for supporting me along the way.  With that said, I am looking forward to an exciting and productive 2014.  With my series My Man’s Best Friend behind me, I am anxious to release a brand new ebook series with brand new characters and all new drama.

Yep, you heard it, I have been working diligently on the new series and hopefully it will top the last one, fingers and toes crossed, praying to the God’s above.  My new series is called… PRETTY LIVES UGLY TRUTHS, and if you check out the picture below, there is proof that I am actually working on it.


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The book centers around three siblings, Malcolm, Lance and Lacey Monroe and all the drama these three can muster up.  My goal is to spread their drama over four books but as the saying goes, the pen knows not what the creative mind wants 🙂  So I am just gonna let it flow.

So stay tuned for the upcoming release date.  Also, check your emails for the full synopsis, new cover, an excerpt of the first few chapters as well as a smokin’ hot trailer of PRETTY LIVES UGLY TRUTHS coming your way very, very soon.

Along with my new series I have managed to conjure up a few more story ideas in the form of a novella and a hand full of short stories.  I may just have to clone myself to keep up with my new writing schedule.

In the last few years I have grown and learned so much as a writer.  I have also realized as a writer that I need to write more, lots more.  So that is my goal and promise this year to you, to write more and give you more great stuff to read… yikes.

I will also be posting on my blog weekly, since the bulk of my time will be given to my stories.  Just a forewarning, the post won’t be anything earth shattering, just updates about my upcoming projects and my life as a writer… see, not too exciting.

I am also considering taking you, my readers, on a word count journey as I write my first Novella 🙂  This will definitely keep me accountable for my daily page count and keep me off of Facebook and Twitter.  So stay tuned for that.

That’s it for now, so until next time…

Keep reading and I promise to keep writing 🙂

~K. Elle


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  1. Benita Groce says:

    I am looking forward to it. I will definitely have these books in my collection fro K. Elle Collier 🙂

  2. Valerie Smith says:

    Can’t wait till whatever you choose to publish first. Doesn’t matter to me… will be on my reading list!

  3. Cory says:

    Kim, you are Awesome, Rawsome! Congrats on the new book! Cory T.

  4. K. Elle says:

    Thank you, Benita! I appreciate your support!

  5. K. Elle says:

    Thanks, Valerie, you support mean a lot!

  6. K. Elle says:

    Thanks, Cory! 🙂

  7. God is leading you. Your words and thoughts are comming freely and full force from your God given ability. You were born to be a writer. So go ahead and write. I will always support you and pray for even more then you expected you posess.. How exciting How grateful I am to be able to say you are my nicese. God is good and there is no end to how he is in your life. Kiss Klarke for me.

  8. Lekeithia "RiderChic" says:

    K.C. I have been anticipating the follow up book,thank you a girl has to get her read on:)! I am sure it is fabulous, keep up the inspiration of writing and keeping this drama moving.

    RiderChic, Orlando, Florida

  9. K. Elle says:

    Thank you Auntie Frances! Love you!

  10. K. Elle says:

    Thank you Lekeithia! I hope to continue to bring the drama and great stories your way 🙂

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