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After the bad blood between Sylvia and Lance accelerates at Alex’s 40th birthday party, Sylvia finds herself at her doctor’s office contemplating abortion. Her desire to be a better mother than her own mother was to her shifts Sylvia’s decision that will ultimately change her life forever.

Lance continues to battle the charges brought against him. Sylvia agrees to help him, despite the fact she is carrying his child, unbeknownst to him. Although in the process of clearing Lance’s name, Sylvia discovers there is more to what has caused his present turmoil than Lance has let on. This new revelation brings Lance and Sylvia closer together, which leads to Sylvia revealing the news about their unborn child to Lance.

Lance and Sylvia try and make things work, but everything is thrown in a tailspin when Malcolm is released from jail. His vengeance towards Sylvia leaves her in a life or death situation and Lance questioning if she is the woman for him.

Don’t miss this 3rd installment of Pretty Lives Ugly Truths where K. Elle dives into the complex lives of Lance and Sylvia. See how Lance’s demons try to destroy everything that he has worked so hard to create while attempting to rebuild a life with Sylvia.

Pretty Lives Ugly Truths, Book 3 picks up right where Sylvia and Lance’s story left off in Book One. K. Elle continues to weave yet another drama-filled tale that will leave you on the edge of your seat wondering, can Lance and Sylvia survive the complexities of his past? What will become of them as a couple? What does Malcolm have planned for Sylvia after being released from jail?