Pretty Lives Ugly Truths – Malcolm & Alex

Book_Front_Cover4Pretty Lives Ugly Truths: Malcolm & Alex, is the second book in the Monroe Family Series.  The first book, Pretty Lives Ugly Truths is available on Amazon.

After discovering the crippling news on the night of her 40th birthday, Alex is forced to rethink her marriage, her life and ultimately her future.

Malcolm, in denial about the fact that his marriage may be over, coupled with an unsuccessful film career, is thrown into a tailspin making him even more determined than ever to get Alex back and make things right again.

Nikki, who has a very different agenda, is not making anything easy for Malcolm as she refuses to cooperate with any of his wishes.  All this raises the questions: What will Malcolm do about Nikki? Will Malcolm’s film career perish? Has Alex moved on?

As chaos and destruction rear their ugly heads in Malcolm’s life, he begins to spiral out of control to an ending that will force him to deal with the consequences of his past deceitful actions.

The sequel to Pretty Lives Ugly Truths picks right up were the first book left off as K. Elle Collier weaves another drama-filled tale that will leave you wondering, what will Malcolm do now?