Questions for My Man’s Best Friend

My Man’s Best Friend (Discussion Questions)

1. What did you think about how Kai and Todd met in the coffee shop? Contrived or destined to be?

2. After Todd and Kai’s first date, did you think they would sleep together that night?

  • What were your thought about the Elevator scene?
  • Did you see that coming?
  • What is your “wait” rule when getting intimate with a man?

3. Kai was a bit apprehensive about meeting Alana, “Todd’s female best friend” The night of the party when she finally met Alana.

  • How do you think Kai handled the situation?
  • Also, how do you think you would have reacted in that same situation?

4. Simone, Kai’s best friend, reminded Kai about the age old saying, “Keep your friends close but enemies closer.”

  • Do you think what Kai did, giving Alana a modeling job for their campaign, was a smart move?
  • How would you have handled that delicate situation without coming off as insecure?

5. It was obvious that Kai was intrigued about Alana’s experience with being with a woman.

  • What were your thought about “the Kiss” between Alana and Kai? Did that take you off guard?
  • Did you see that coming?

6. Alana wants Kai to keep this situation a secret between the two of them. Although, at first Kai wanted to tell Todd.

  • If you were Kai, would you tell Todd or would you keep it a secret?
  • Also, would you get intimate with Alana again?

7. In Chapter 17, Kai realizes that she has feelings for both Alana and Todd.  Do you think its possible to like two people at the same time?

  • How do you determine which relationship is more important to you?
  • Do you think Kai was trying to have her “cake and eat it too?”

8. Kai finally told her best friend, Simone, about her relationship with Alana. Simone gave Kai her advice to keep that a secret from Todd.

  • Would you have given that same advice to keep it a secret from Todd?
  • Also, what is your viewpoint for giving relationship advice to friends?

9. When Todd told Kai that he doesn’t believe “girl on girl” action is cheating, do you think Kai should have said something about her and Alana then?

  • What are your thoughts?
  • Have any of you been in this situation and didn’t come clean right away?

10. When Kai and Alana where hanging out at the club, Kai was introduced to an old friend of Alana’s from college, Mark. It was clear that Kai was jealous of Alana and Mark’s interaction.

  • What were your thoughts on this situation?
  • Do you think Kai had a right to be jealous of Alana and Mark since she had a man of her own at home?
  • Have any of you ever gotten jealous over a girl crush?

11. What do you think about the threesome that took place between Mark, Kai, and Alana?

  • Where you surprised that Kai went through with the deal?
  • What do you think of Kai at this point?
  • What do you think of Alana at this point?

12. When Kai and Alana decided to make out in her parents home, of course Kai thought that the coast was clear, she later found out that Mila (her sister) witnessed the whole thing.

  • How would you have handled the conversation with MIla if you were Kai?

13. What did you think about Kai and Alana kissing upstairs at her parent’s house?

  • Do you think that was taking it too far and why?
  • Also, what were your thought about Alana at this point?

14. What did you think about Kai’s conversation with Alana when she told her that she didn’t want to be in a relationship with her any more or in Kai’s words “set boundaries?”

  • Also, how did you feel about the fact Alana helped pick out Kai’s engagement ring?
  • How would you handle Alana at this point?

15. When Corinne, Kai’s mother, came to visit her in the office do you think she really was coming to discuss the situation about Raymond?

  • What did you think when Corinne admitted that she knew Kai was sexually involved with Alana?

16. From reading “context clues” it seemed that Corinne once had been in love with a woman before.

  • What did you think about that?
  • If you were Kai’s mother would you have even let her know that you knew about this situation with her and Alana?

17. When Todd confronted Kai about Alana, did you think he was actually going to break off the engagement with Kai?

  • What would you do if you were TODD in this situation?
  • How do you handle a relationship with someone you really love and you find out they cheated on you?
  • Do you believe in second chances?

18. At the climax of the book, Kai finds out in the mist of a heated argument with Todd and Alana that Riley (Alana’s daughter) was actually Todd’s child.

  • What did you think about that whole situations?How far would you let this secret live if you were Todd?
  • Do you think Todd was wrong for telling Alana why Kai couldn’t have any children?
  • What do you think about Todd’s decision to be with one another in a committed relationship?

19. When Kai finds out that her only brother, Raymond, set her up to get raped to score drugs, what was your initial thought/reaction?

  • What were your thought about the situation?
  • Also, do you believe in forgiveness?

20. The ending revealed that Kai was pregnant with Todd’s child.

  • Were you excited for Kai and her pregnancy or are you worried for her?
  • If you were Kai would you keep the baby in your situation, especially when you were told that you couldn’t have children?

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